Wednesday, December 22, 2010

princess of something

I drew this because I see stuff like it around and I like the style.  Think i'll throw some color on it soon.


Cody and Denise Dunne said...

Very cool!

Jane Cleere Johnson said...

Allow me to introduce myself. Jane Johnson here, editorealized at your brother Phillip's magazine knowonder! He recommended I take a look at your work, and I am, of course, very impressed. My original bachelor's program was illustration and graphic design, but I never had the raw talent I see here. I could copy pretty much anything, but not morph, and hone, and individualize as I see you can. I love this, "Princess of Something." My thought is that she should have many stories written about her. Do you also write, or may I try my hand at her??? Nice job young man!! Janee