Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blizzard N00bz Contest Winner - Ghoulash

I entered a contest at my work to paint a custom reproduce-able 'n00bz' character. My team mate & friend Julien Lefebvre presented the idea to Blizzard & it looks like it stuck! Blizzard is working with Big shot Toyworks to mass produce these. There was also a part of the contest for custom non-repro toys that were very original with tons of mods - all of which were on display at Blizzcon! The 3 winners (located here) were all for sale as well as the 'Raynor' (Starcraft) model which was given away as part of the Blizzcon 'Goody Bag.'

My entry 'Ghoulash' shown at Blizzcon above. Also included is a quick spot Direct TV did on the winners. Here is my section as it played at the Blizzcon store right next to the main panel's audience that you hear in the background: