Friday, March 26, 2010

1st sketch on New Cintiq

I'm really tired and it's been a very long work week, but I just got my new cintiq and had to do a sketch to make sure it's real! I've been saving up for a long time- so excited to get more art in!


Nasan Hardcastle said...


After using the 21UX at work for the last 6 months, My tablet at home feels really clunky. I'm half tempted to shell out for one too.

Did you get the big or little one?

Anthony said...

I envy you! I've been eying a 12WX but I haven't got enough saved yet. Did you get the 21 or the 12?

Nice drawing by the way. :)

Oliver Chipping said...
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Oliver Chipping said...

Thx guys - went for the big one. When wacom came out w/ that 2048 pressure levels tablet,I knew it was only a matter of time for the cintiq to catch up. I waited for about 6 months then pre-ordered soon as I could. I Love it! I will never regret the purchase!

Grace Liu said...

Whoa, you got the fancy 2048 pressure levels! I'm envious. I'm loving the personality of these facial studies!

donna crestejo ateah said...

I just got the new Cintiq HD and I'm very excited.
I was wondering what software you are using with yours.
Also what function are you using to shade and smudge as I've notice you done a great job on portrait drawing.
So far i'm using idraw on my Macbook Air.
Donna Ateah

Oliver Chipping said...

Hi Donna, I primarily use Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter for my painting. They are both relatively pricey, but I know there are a couple of programs like Art Rage and SAI tool that may have some similar functionality at a much lower cost. You can download trials of photoshop and painter too - I think those last for about 15 days.

Good luck!