Saturday, January 03, 2009

Old Smokey

This is a work in progress. His name comes from that song about a meatball... I'm not sure what inspired me to paint him, but I have to take a break from him to work on some freelance stuff. I'll post the final once I get some personal time again.


El Fro said...

Great work. Meatballs are truely inspiring.

Jenn said...

Love your work! I'm wondering if you'd be interested in helping me with my Background work for my masters thesis? I have one more semester online, and need to do a directed study with someone. This means I meet with someone (preferably in the industry) to review my work and give me notes and work for the following week. the school will pay you. :)

Let me know.
I'm in L.A. as well.

Ian said...

Awesome piece Oliver. Still waiting on an installation of all the 'influenced' illustrations you brought to work.

buh dibber

Joe said...

nice one sir.

pablo pablo said...