Tuesday, November 04, 2008

emo girl

I came across this picture my friend had in his reference folder and painted it during breaks & at lunch. I added some stars. I really enjoyed knowing that I didn't have to go to a meeting about this or show it to anyone at work.


Ian said...

I really really like this illustration. But you knew that already. Nice job bro

isaac isak icekick said...

I like the white outline. When I think of "emo" I think of Hot Topic and "mall punk". this just looks cute. love you dude.

Oliver Chipping said...

haha - yeh agree on the emo.. it's just what the reference pic was called.

Martha said...

I haven't been to your site in awhile...your work is incredible...I keep thinking I should change my screen saver with the hay bales but I still like that one so I"m not changing yet...see you soon.

Kevin Keele said...

Nice as always Oliver.

ramanjit said...

your colors are awesome.
your playing with light & dark.thats great.