Thursday, September 28, 2006

he's back...

So heres the deal

I got a job at Avalanche Software and everyone has a blog... and I wasn't cool cuz I didn't have a blog. So, I go to sign up and what do I find? Oh yeah! I already made one - two years ago! I totally forgot... But how exciting to find out all over again!

so here are some things I drew

this is an old factory or some greenish-blueish thing.

Magic man
this is a little monster I drew, I think
I will color him, then I'll put him back up here again.

I did this tree for Jeff B. to see if I could get a job.

same with this ice cliff.

disgruntled elf (from santa's workshop of course)


fairy girl

comments appreciated.


Sam Nielson said...

Cool art! I like the city, tree, and fairy girl the best.

S.D. said...

Little fairy girl, this one is awesome, very touching!

Anonymous said...

Your work is haunting, disturbing, delightful.

elsa bags said...

oliver this is nicole, long time no see... i had no idea. these are amazing.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

These are all ultra neat !!! Fabulous work !

Jason & Molly said...

I just love this one! If I have a baby girl, I want a giant poster size print of it in her room (please) :)

It's so just perfect, not too girly or frilly just a beautiful fairy in the woods. I love it!

206 Dog said...

I can't help but to love "The Happiest Dog Ever" best. I work as a dog behavioral specialist, so it speaks directly to my heart and makes me smile. But EVERYTHING you do is amazing and you are SUPER talented! I would give a billion dollars to draw like you!!!
:) -M.e.g.a.n.